Sale and Lease Back

Our Sale & Lease Back services allows mobile operators to monetise their tower and passive infrastructure assets, reduce operational costs, dedicate resources towards their core offerings, and expand network coverage quicker and for less cost than in-house build out.

We pride ourselves on our ability to move quickly on investment decisions and close acquisitions faster than competitors. We often seek to include local partners in our local operating companies to ensure smooth operations.

Depending on our client’s strategic concerns; whether that be maximising assets value upfront, minimising operational costs, or maintaining upside in tower assets, we are confident in our ability to find a solution that meets the needs of all parties.

Build to Suit

Our Build To Suit strategy allows operators to expand rapidly into new locations without the associated passive infrastructure capital expenditure when collocation is not possible.

The strategy is particularly pertinent in helping governments and operators meet universal coverage requirements by facilitating network expansion in rural areas that would not traditionally be commercially viable.

We have a successful track record of delivering turnkey projects for most of the major mobile operators in the region. We bring a wealth of experience in site acquisition, construction, and in operations and maintenance.

Energy as a Service

We manage energy on our own sites and we also manage energy for our MNO clients on their own sites.

On our own sites we manage energy requirements for multiple tenants and we are incentivised to optimise our efficiency and our economy of scale, This allows us to invest in the very best solutions including 

  • AI management of energy sources to optimise switching between solar, grid, battery and generators and to maximise the efficiency of the on-site cooling
  • Solar farms feeding into the grid and wheeling energy to a tower site 
  • Replacing costly and inefficient old equipment with newer and more efficient equipment. 

Private Networks

We finance and install private networks on a neutral host basis. Private networks are safe, secure and fast. Access to such networks can transform a large organisation or community and adoption is growing rapidly. The investment costs are large and not a core focus for many MNOs but with our enabling business model, we are able to make the investment, build and manage the supporting infrastructure and our MNO partners can simply land on the network and focus on the delivery of their services. We also finance, build and maintain ‘in building’ DAS networks for our clients

Managed Services

We manage, maintain and optimise all of our own infrastructures to ensure they are always operating at maximum efficiency. Our expert teams are specialised by vertical and are trained to the highest standards. We have a Glo-Cal approach to service delivery. From our Global resource base, we train, develop and operate Local teams with local knowledge, to deliver the service.

Not only do we service our own operations but we also act as an outsourcing partner for our MNO and CSP clients. We treat our client’s assets as if they were our own. From Network Engineering to Network Deployment, to Network Maintenance and Lifecycle management, we enjoy the technical expertise, financial strength, client-oriented culture and the ability to both diversify and specialise through the size of our teams and the scope of our operations.

Ground Lease and Rooftop Acquisition

We acquire leases from our landlord clients and pay a cash lump sum, in return for receiving their ongoing rent in a transaction known as a lease premium. With our approach to lease acquisition, you no longer need to negotiate annually with the mobile operators. We leverage our extensive experience in this space to ensure a fair deal for all and to provide our lease holder clients with a substantial cash lump sum which they can invest into core business activities or use to enjoy an early retirement.

For our MNO and CSP clients, we can manage the ground and rooftop lease process to ensure security and predictability by securing long term agreements with land and property owners.

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