Sale and Lease Back

Our Sale & Lease Back services allows mobile operators to monetise their tower and passive infrastructure assets, reduce operational costs, dedicate resources towards their core offerings, and expand network coverage quicker and for less cost than in-house build out.

We pride ourselves on our ability to move quickly on investment decisions and close acquisitions faster than competitors. We often seek to include local partners in our local operating companies to ensure smooth operations.

Depending on our client’s strategic concerns; whether that be maximising assets value upfront, minimising operational costs, or maintaining upside in tower assets, we are confident in our ability to find a solution that meets the needs of all parties.

Build to Suit

Our Build To Suit strategy allows operators to expand rapidly into new locations without the associated passive infrastructure capital expenditure when collocation is not possible.

The strategy is particularly pertinent in helping governments and operators meet universal coverage requirements by facilitating network expansion in rural areas that would not traditionally be commercially viable.

We have a successful track record of delivering turnkey projects for most of the major mobile operators in the region. We bring a wealth of experience in site acquisition, construction, and in operations and maintenance.


Growth Capital

TASC is ready to invest capital, potentially on a minority shareholding basis, in tower operators seeking to accelerate their growth plans. We can provide equity or mezzanine debt funding in connection with a wide range of opportunities, including market consolidation acquisitions of competitors or of tower portfolios in new markets. This funding may in some cases accelerate the operator’s path to a potential IPO through the validation of the company’s position and prospects by outside investors.

TASC is highly flexible regarding the geography of its investments, the structuring of the capital it invests and its investment horizon. In all such cases, what matters to us is the fundamentals of the transaction and the strength of our partnership with the existing management team, which is made possible by shared objectives and aligned interests.

We believe that we can add significant value to our partner, leveraging our experience gained in other markets, transferring best practices as needed, and our relationships with global equipment vendors and financial institutions.